The one-click proxy that shows you everything.

View HTTP request-response exchanges between your web or mobile app and any REST API in real-time.

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Wiretap is like a browser's Network Tab, but for Web and Mobile Apps

Step 1) Enter API Host

Step 2) Drop Wiretap in Code

Wiretap generates a unique host for you.

Step 3) Run Code & See HTTP

The Complete Tool for Integrating, Implementing, and Debugging APIs


Printing HTTP request and responses data to console is a thing of the past with Wiretap. Every single server-side programming language works with Wiretap.


Do your iOS or Android apps talk to web APIs? Use Wiretap to avoid facepalming, setting break points, and stepping through the debugger just to figure out how a web API is responding.


Create a Wiretap connected to your server for Webhooks and see exactly what they're sending you. Retry requests with a single click, no more reproducing steps on a 3rd party service.


Wiretap your development servers behind a firewall with tunneling. The simple desktop application makes setting up a Wiretap to localhost as easy as to a public host.

See Everything: Requests & Responses, Headers & Bodies

One-click "DVR for HTTP"

Spot Bugs without Hunting for 'em

Retry Requests

Webhooks are a lot easier to setup with Wiretap: click a button to retry any request. No jumping through hoops to retrigger a webhook.

Replay Responses

Every response has its own permalink to replay it, headers and all. Share unexpected responses with API owners via URL, not steps to reproduce.

Color Coded Response Codes

200s - Keep on hacking.

300s - Nothing to see here.

400s - Client's got a problem.

500s - Server's having issues.

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Fine-grained control over your data. Wiretap discards with pride.

Data Self-destructs

Request & response data is automatically destroyed after 24 hours, but this can be dialed all the way down to 5 minutes. You can delete everything manually at any time.

Auto-Scrub Headers

Headers like 'Authorization' can be scrubbed instantly or after 5 minutes. The latter is useful for being able to retry a request. Setup a scrubbing policy for any header.

Log Transparency

I care about these things, too.

Logged: IP, method, host, path, response code.

Not Logged: query strings, headers, body data.

Behind your Firewall

Would your company like to run Wiretap behind its firewall? This is an option being considered. Please, shoot me an e-mail at the contact info below.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Wiretap work with HTTP and HTTPS?
Yes, both are supported. Whichever protocol you use to connect to the Wiretap, it will use to connect with the upstream host.

Can I share my Wiretap with coworkers?
Yes, improving collaboration on API implementation and integration with teams was a major motivation for building Wiretap.

Can I make my Wiretap private?
Yes, you can control whether your Wiretaps are public or private.

Can I delete my Wiretap and its data on-demand?
Yes, once you are done using a Wiretap you can delete it all.

Does request and response data automatically get deleted?
Yes, data is automatically purged after 24 hours. This can be dialed all the way down to five minutes. I'm hoping to learn how more about what is most useful and safe during the beta.

Can I choose for my data to persist longer than 24 hours?
Yes, after the beta period you can choose to persist your data for longer periods of time.

Can I scrub specific headers?
Yes, you can set any header to be scrubbed immediately, or, after 5 minutes. The latter is useful for interactive debugging because it gives you a period of time to retry the request from Wiretap.

Can my company self-host Wiretap behind its firewall?
This is on the radar somewhat dependent on interest. Shoot me an e-mail if this is something your company needs.

Can I use Wiretap on my tablet while I hack on my laptop?
Yes, open your Wiretap's feed URL on a tablet and use it as a secondary development screen.

Who are you, anyway?

Hey there, I'm Kris.

By day, I'm the Technology Director at NMC.

By night/weekend, I'm hacking on Wiretap.

Previously, I studied Computer Science stuff.

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E-mail me anytime, KrisJordan at gmail.

That's me this Halloween, with my very understanding wife, the Hamburgler.
She's endured many weekends of me working on Wiretap & deserves big credit.

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